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If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for an exciting, athletic adventure that will challenge your abilities and push you past your limits while creating lasting memories, then mountaineering is the perfect adventure sport for you.

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For white-water rafting enthusiasts, there is honestly no place better than the rivers of Ecuador. These fast-flowing rivers that literally descend from the Andean glaciers themselves are almost like roads that allow us a unique view into how nature transforms itself.

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Since the time of the Incas, the Andes have been known for the magnificent roads across the land. Today, it is actually possible to travel the same routes that were once tread by the Incas themselves and to explore newer less well-known roads where new surprises are constantly being discovered!

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Ecuador’s many beaches have all different types of waves for surfers at any difficulty level, making it a go-to destination for surfers worldwide. In fact, Ecuador even hosts surfing world championships and other competitions, since the warm water on the coast creates very competitive waves and fantastic conditions for surfing.

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Ecuador is also home to some of the most beautiful marine life in the world. Divers love to explore the popular underwater destinations where they can find underwater cliffs, various types of coral, and more. Diving