For white-water rafting enthusiasts, there is honestly no place better than the rivers of Ecuador. These fast-flowing rivers that literally descend from the Andean glaciers themselves are almost like roads that allow us a unique view into how nature transforms itself. Rafting in Ecuador is done

on the very same rivers that irrigate the Amazon rainforest, making it an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. Several rivers in Ecuador create the perfect environment and ideal conditions for an unforgettable water adventure.

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Jondachi is one of the newest rafting opportunities in Ecuador. Before actually getting into the raft and beginning the journey, you will be given the opportunity to explore a hidden river cave and go for a refreshing dip, starting the day out right. After spending some time in the water, you can take a short hike to get to the put-in point and set off on the 38km run for the day.

This is a solid class III-IV river and is not a good option for beginners, as many of the maneuvers are technical and require precise navigation in the whitewater between granite boulders. But, if you’ve had some whitewater experience, then this will be a truly exciting adventure!

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This river is one of the most famous and popular rivers for rafting in the Amazon. It offers a perfect combination of exciting waters between rapids and breaks. If you are looking for a popular and well-liked run, that includes ample break time this is the river for you. Period: All year. Difficulty: Medium.

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For the most experienced and daring of rafters, this river of world transcendence (category IV) attracts visitors from all over. Enjoy the extreme challenge of taming these crystal-clear waters while navigating through a series of intense rapids. Period: All year. Degree of difficulty: High.

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If you are more of a beginner to white-water rafting, then this is the tour for you. This tour takes place in the Ecuadorian Austro and allows rafters to admire and enjoy the diverse landscapes of the mountains, forests, and agriculture. This is one of the safest and quietest runs of this sport in Ecuador. Recommended time: all year. Degree of difficulty: Low – Medium.

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Toachi & Blanco

The Toachi and Blanco rivers are a blast for experienced rafters and have also been the start to a whitewater addiction for thousands of first-timers. These rivers flow off of the coastal side of the Andes, and they have some of the longest navigable sections of whitewater in the country. These long stretches of water combined with the sights and sounds of the forest environment guarantees a day to remember and a once in a lifetime experience. Class III-IV.


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