The andes

In this area of the Coast of Ecuador, you will find the attractive Cuenca and the World Heritage Quito. You’ll also be amazed by the avenue of indigenous villages with intriguing markets and the volcanoes. The Crucero Train, which usually crosses the Callejon de Los Andes while descending toward the coast, will transport you through the mountains, badlands, and the ancient communities.

The volcanic mountains in Andes range from as high as 6,310 meters (20,701 feet) to as low as 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) where Mount

Chimborazo’s snows will invite you to feel the surface of the clouds.

In the Andes, you will also be captivated by the extensive landscapes filled with corn, beans, potatoes, as well as natural sources of thermal water, volcanic lagoons in turquoise tones, and lakes. Hundreds of species of birds and orchids supplement this region, offering you remarkable views that you can even enjoy from the comfort of your vehicle or while zip lining.

Otavalo Market Ecuador.jpg

Places you can’t miss

The Andes region is the perfect place to have close contact with the culture, traditions, festivities, and much more.

Quito Ecuador.jpg

Quito, the capital of Ecuador

Edged in by its snowcapped peaks of 2 mesmeric, active volcanoes (and cloud high in the Andes), only a few cities in South America boast as dramatic a geographic setting as Quito. This Ecuadorian capital’s old town (16th century Centro Historico) is not only the best preserved and largest colonial center in all of Latin America, but it is also the world’s very 1st UNESCO World Heritage town…