Ecuador is known to be a country full of adventure, traditions, history, gastronomy, and much more. Fell amazed about the differences in every region, and visit all of them in one time. A great advantage of Ecuador is its size; you can maximize the time frame and visiting more places. You can take breakfast in the Pacific Coast, lunch in the Andes, and why not, the dinner in the Amazon Rainforest; They are relatively close to each other.

Yes, the country is the perfect place to visit warm beaches, massive snowed volcanos, the unique Amazon, and the worldwide known Galapagos Islands. Enjoy all those destinations in one country.

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Pacific Coast

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Amazon Rainforest

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Important Information

Documents you will need when visiting the nation, Travelers who will need a Visa to access Ecuador, transport, Tips when you’re taking a taxi…

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Chocolate is a passion, a pleasure, and a worldwide industry. Back then when the Spanish Court realized that amalgamating sugar with the New World Chocolate fashioned the most amazing product, they decided to keep it a state secret for more than a hundred years

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Taking into account Ecuador is situated on the equator, weather in the nation is not subdivided into seasons like other nations located outside of the tropics.

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