what to do?

What are some fun and exciting activities for visitors to do while in Ecuador? Check this information and start planing your travel to Ecuador

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Ecuador is known to be an adventure country with fantastic natural sceneries. What do you prefer practicing? Diving? Trekking? Mountaineering? Rafting? Trekking? Surfing? You can live unique experiences if you are beginer or you are a seasoned adventurist.

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Ecuador is also the perfect place for nature lovers to explore and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. No matter what part of Ecuador you decide to visit, there are countless beautiful landscapes and creatures to encounter. Not to mention the many gorgeous backdrops for you to have any type of photo op you could possibly imagine. Get ready to fill up your Instagram with the astounding natural beauty found here in Ecuador.

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Ecuador's culture is greatly influenced by its Hispanic mestizo majority and Spanish Heritage. However, there is also distinct influences on Ecuadorian culture from Amerindian traditions and elements of African culture.