chocolate of Ecuador


Chocolate is a passion, a pleasure, and a worldwide industry. Back then when the Spanish Court realized that amalgamating sugar with the New World Chocolate fashioned the most amazing product, they decided to keep it a state secret for more than a hundred years. Lucky for us, the secret got out and today the whole world is head over heels in love with chocolate.

Having said that, in the lush province of Esmeraldas (situated on Ecuador’s Northside border with Colombia), agriculturalists are proud to claim that they are the biggest producers of “black gold.”

When they say that, they are not talking about oil (which is Ecuador’s main export). They’re talking about cocoa beans. You cannot create fine chocolate without the best cacao beans, and over the last couple of years, Ecuador has grown to become a well-renowned source of the best cacao beans.

The nation has even started participating in worldwide fairs representing its unique product, and so far, it has received a favorable response. Ecuador is now officially a producer of the finest aroma cacao in the world.


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