Ecuador is also the perfect place for nature lovers to explore and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.  No matter what part of Ecuador you decide to visit, there are countless beautiful landscapes and creatures to encounter.  Not to mention the many gorgeous backdrops for you to have any type of photo op you could possibly imagine. Get ready to fill up your Instagram with the astounding natural beauty found here in Ecuador.

There are many different areas to explore with something for everyone to enjoy.  You can explore the various beaches on the coast, trek across the Andes exploring the variety of wildlife living there, traverse through the exotic Amazon, and become entranced with the wonder of the Galapagos.

No matter where you choose to visit, you will be able to feel one with nature as you take in the wonderful landscapes and colorful beauty of Ecuador.

Ecuador is also seen as a land of great biodiversity as it is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. For those science and nature buffs, it is important to note that although Ecuador is a small country, it has been listed as the

17th most biodiverse country worldwide. Ecuador is also known for its many areas with an extremely high percentage of biodiversity per square meter.

Ecuador has been able to maintain and conserve much of the original landscape of the country largely due to the fact that approximately 20% of the land is protected as maximum level conserved national territory.  These protections are given by the Constitution of the Republic, and as part of the great National System of Areas Protected (SNAP) which is also known as the Patrimony of Natural Areas of the State (PANE).  These systems protect various territories that have been set aside for conservation since they are home to ecosystems which include a wealth of unique biology.  These ecosystems also benefit tourism and recreation which are very important for the economy of the country. Since these lands are so ecologically important in ways that transcend borders they have become internationally recognized as protected lands.

Below is a list of the most famous protected national parks in Ecuador:


National Parks

Yasuni National Park Ecuador1.jpg

Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park is considered the most biologically diverse spot on earth. It is here that the Equator, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon rainforest converge leaving the park in the center of a small zone where amphibian, bird, mammal, and vascular plant diversity is at the highest levels found within the western hemisphere.

Sangay National Park.jpg

Sangay National Park

Sangay National Park was made a World Heritage Site in 1983. This park spans the provinces of Tungurahua, Morono Santiago, and Chimborazo and is known for its many varied ecosystems, with glaciers, rainforests, plains, volcanoes, and more.

Cajas National Park.jpg

Cajas National Park

The Cajas National Park can be found in the highlands of Ecuador, about 30 km west from Cuenca. The park is between 3100m and 4450m above sea level which lead to a tundra vegetation and a jagged landscape of hills and valleys.

Galapagos National Park.jpg

Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos Island are likely the most popular and well-known treasure in Ecuador. These Islands first reached notoriety thanks to the work of Charles Darwin and his book, “The Origin of Species.”

Cotopaxi National Park.jpg

Cotopaxi National Park

This stunning park has many natural wonders for every ecotourist to enjoy. Visitors can experience a magical journey into Ecuador's natural heritage when they visit Cotopaxi National Park.