Pacific coast

For years now, the mesmeric shades of blue that light up Ecuador’s Pacific coast have been attracting tourists from all over the nation’s mountainous regions and beyond. The arid coastline will capture you with beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, and a great diversity of marine life.

In fact, lots of travelers have pointed out that the neighboring Central American shorelines pale in comparison to the Ecuadorian coastline. The arid shrublands which dominate most of the coastal region are too

exciting at first glance. Better yet, the area’s marine reserves and mellow beach towns will look even better when you get closer.

Each year from June to September, Ecuador’s coastlines swarms with tens of thousands of migrating humpback whales. These astounding, 49-ton animals breach constantly.

The Ecuadorian shores qualify as the best whale watching locations in the world.

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Places you can’t miss

At this point, we can agree Ecuador is among the most bio diverse nations on the planet, given it boasts more than 15,000 different types of flowering plants and vascular plants, according to the Fourth National Report released for the Convention of Biological Diversity.

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Things to know before your trip

Most tourists that opt to visit Ecuador usually decide to skip the Pacific Coast in favor of the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. However, as expected, I seriously advise against this: mainly because doing so implies that you’ll be missing out on the striking coastline stretches with eccentric seafood, surfing, the sun, and some of the most relaxing beach towns.