What to eat?

The many worlds and cultures that converge in Ecuador including those of Costa, Sierra, the Orient, and Galapagos offer a universe of delectable flavors and tantalizing aromas for visitors to experience.

Coffee lovers will enjoy visiting the Galapagos Islands where they can enjoy delicious organic coffee grown on volcanic soils along with a variety of superb dishes made from responsibly fished seafood. The Pacific Coast, which is characterized by its variety of foods found in the sea and on land combines the naturally found ingredients with the rich culinary traditions of its inhabitants, creating the most diverse cuisine in the country.

If you visit the Andes mountains, you will find a great agricultural wealth

with potatoes, corn, and mote being combined with meats to comprise the many delicious traditional dishes.

The Amazon filled with jungles, waterfalls, and a vast array of flora and fauna is intricately linked with the diverse indigenous cultures of the land which are preserved in the local cuisine.  The aromas and flavors created are so unique that you can only find them here.

No matter what part of the country you are visiting, it is clear that you will experience the amazing gastronomic power and prowess of Ecuador. As you explore the wonders of this country be sure to also take time to discover the distinct and memorable flavors found only here!


Pacific Coast Gastronomy

The Pacific coast is known for its terrains filled with forests, mangroves, and beaches. The region is also known for its wide variety of foods from both the land and sea such as the banana, cocoa, shrimp, and tuna. The people in this region have used the food found here to create a wondrously diverse cuisine.


Andes Gastronomy

Glaciers, mountains, valleys, and volcanic soil creates a great wealth of agriculture in this region. The Andes are known for crops like the potato, maize, and mote. These crops are combined with meats to create the area’s traditional dishes.


Galapagos Gastronomy

Dishes traditional to the Galapagos are simple, light, and fresh which is representative of the pacific coast of Ecuador. The dishes include meat, yucca, fish, and seafood.


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